Sunday, 29 September 2013

Calling any committed people

If you are another person similar to myself who believes that Ulverston is like a raft of limited buoyancy (not even a boat as they usually indicate a front and a back) slowly drifting out to sea to sink - lost for ever - then please make contact.

Let's try and find common ground and work together.

I know that there are capable people out there with proven skills and time to spare who could do a good job of building a sound boat and then others who could steer it and even more important, others who would have some idea of which direction to sail in or at least arriving at a consensus of the same.

These people have succeeded and have no more need for a challenge. However they may be waiting, looking around for a convincing direction to go in. Can't we start now by getting together to talk ideas and hopefully agree one very small action - lay one plank - to start building this alternative boat - or is it airborne? or better still jet propelled by old farts like me?

Surely this would be better than the alternative - what we have now : a town with little plausible leadership or will to lead, with the result that few are willing to follow or get involved. The sure way to the bottom.

Alternatively you may be happy and wish to do nothing more than take front seat on the quayside, watch and cheer loudly "Farewell".

Alternatively again you may have noticed there are plausible boats being built elsewhere and plan to join in - but then why not here where you have a realistic view of what is possible.

Does the niggling thought reoccur : What future for the younger generations who are bounding with innate ability and will be looking to join those with life experience . . . . .

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