Friday, 6 September 2013

Close to a record !

This is a little game I play:

 Can I get more than 500 unique (yes very unique) visitors.

Well we're nearly there at 494 and what's more, the percentage of returning visitors is also a record, at 70.7%, which means we have nearly 350 people that follow this blog regularly.

This is important to me because it means that we have a way of sharing information and encouragement, with each other, the more people come here.

Quite honestly, I have a long term plan of providing an alternative to the official media: independent of The Evening Mail, The Westmorland Gazette and the BBC both radio and TV.

This is important if we feel we have stories that are not being handled as well as we we would like.

Of course the down side is that what is here is mostly driven my me and quite rightly is very opinionated. A solution is for others to also come together and share a site like this where we all have our own platform. This site could be which is where I hope to move to - when I find the time. The more independent views the more balanced the coverage - is my thinking. If you're interested in having your own spot, please get in touch on 01229 480347 or gd at This will encourage me to get on with it though where the time will come from is a puzzle !


Geoff Dellow said...

You'd have thought that by now the intelligentsia of the town would have made some cutting remarks to regale us with their impressive humour. Stuff about 'arty farty, airy fairy, self deluded offcomers who keep them in regular fits of giggles'.

But no . . . . nothing.

Perhaps they've choked on their beer and sprained their typing finger.

Hope they get better soon to join us once again in the friendly fun and games of cut and thrust.

Geoff Dellow said...

People around town today - and yes it's raining - and the minute, literally, the sun comes out, then the Market fills again with people again, emerging from the many coffee houses in our groovy town.

People around town have been telling me how they enjoy my blog - now that I've mellow a bit. (Yes, the call me Mellow Dellow). They also encourage me to take no notice of the idiots hiding behind the hedges with the popguns.

Mellowed they say - WoW, tastes must be changing. No wonder the stats improve.

And we're hovering just below that magical 500.

Geoff Dellow said...

We continue to chug along at around 490 unique visitors. However the percentage of returning visitors continues to rise to close to 75%. Can't be bad that's over 360 people sitting on the endges of their seats in anticipation of the next episode of this exciting series of stories. "Will Dick Barton get there in time?" I ask myself.

Geoff Dellow said...

Today we reached the magical figure of over 500 with a figure of 511 ; a return visitor rate of 72% ; an average duration of 2 and a half minutes. Not bad for a small but very influential town of 12,000

Geoff Dellow said...

Now up to the dizzy heights of 518. When we fall off the edge of the cliff?