Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Work in Mill Dam Park

I notice that work has started in Mill Dam Park.

Sadly, without any public explanation ; no consultation with a known and established group - the BUGs ; no notice at the gate along the lines: "SLDC regret the inconvenience to the public whilst . . . . .  takes place here between  September. . . . .  and . . . . ."

I have been given no information as to what is planned other than the promise at the park meeting a couple of months ago with Mr Lawrence that the ground under the seesaw would be raised before the end of September and that work would not be done in the school holidays when the park would be heavily used. What other work is planned has not been stated as far as I know. Questions could be asked as to what replacements for the chain bridge are planned and what the overall proposed design for the park is to be.

The person who will know is Deborah Wright  (Deborah Wright ) and the person who should know in her capacity as our SLDC councillor is Helen Irving (Helen Irving ). The only councillor that has shown any interest is our town councillor Margaret Hornby and even she is now silent.

On my part I  get no replies from either Wright or Irving. However requests from others like yourselves should produce a result. Officialdom in the form of Lawrence Conway the chief executive can be very high handed - you can write to him too (  Lawrence Conway   ) !

This is not how I understand democracy is supposed to work.

However if you're happy with this kind of behaviour: Do nothing - I'm sure you'll get more heavy handed treatment in the future!

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