Saturday, 14 September 2013

It's the Lantern Procession tonight

I'm looking forward to see all the creative work Ulverston people are able to conjure up, often in their own front/back rooms. Equally thrilling is the playing and dancing of all those that accompany the lantern marchers and holders.

 Last year I foresook the pleasure of seeing all the processions by getting myself stuck up Dalton gate as a rather unpopular steward stopping traffic joining the procession. The year before that it was as a steward during the Firework display.

This year, though supporting several fundraising events, I'm having a year off and look forward to the show. I reckon New Market Street is a good spot!

For times and interest see their Facebook page here or as a rough guide be at your favorite spot in town by 8:15 pm and then at Ford Park for 8:45 for the afters - Fireworks extraordinaire.

For general background buzz try here

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