Thursday, 5 September 2013

Try writing a Limerick- it helps

It's great fun writing these. Getting the rhythm right is the hard bit: which is why they're so rewarding.

How does it help - Humour is a very effective way of getting a point across - especially when you're frustrated.

Getting one that hits the spot is even more difficult which is why I'm pleased with my Conway caper.

Lawrence : abhorrence, fence.  Issues : bullying, Health and Safety

There was a Con. lady called Jenkinson   : bun, outdone, home run, submachine gun (no. . .)

Issues: planning, supermarkets, KUS- Keep Ulverston Special, politicians.

or better still

There was a Con lady called Janette - now that has potential Planet , Gannet, Granite

Now Council has loads of potential in every way.

However I have a secret - well it's obvious really to the Internet savvy - Search Google and you'll find this tool Rhyme Zone

Now you've got the potential of hours of TeleFreeFun and even a place to display to the world your new found skill. But have you got Rhythm.

I walk up Hoad muttering

Da dada da dada da dada,
Da dada da dada da Da,
Da dada da da,
Da dada da da,
Da dada da dada da Da.

Got it - Now you can start!

Let's flood the market. It could soon be called an "Ulverston".

No? Not quite the ring . . . . .

We're good in our town at music - how about words.

Could we become the cultural centre of the North. I can imagine people standing in groups at our street corners going "Da dada da dada da dada" to each other.

No? Too vivid an imagination?

True. - It's what keeps me young!

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