Saturday, 14 September 2013

The sheer audacity of SLDC

Not only are they bullies but now they are liars.

They learn little from the past do they? The last post on this subject attracted a dramatic record in viewing statistic: there in the middle '273' in amongst figures less than 30.

This was a blog titled "Lawrence Conway - shouldn't you be paying attention" and drew attention to the inadequacies of our struggling planning department - the links to these damning statistics, showing an understaffed department, were quickly removed.

Now we are being given more unpalatable medicine concerning Mill Dam Park by the officer in charge, Deborah Wright, on the BUGs facebook page. (The BUGs are the people that have done such amazing work in this park and had their dangerous pots removed by royal edict).

It all reminds me of the time as a nine year old at a boarding school for sick kids we were 'forced' to open our mouths and accept a tablespoon of Cod liver Oil as we left the dining room - which we promptly kept there only to empty its contents down the nearest loo. A ruse our smart Headteacher quickly put a stop to by the simple expedient of having us say "Thank You Miss" before we left.

Now we're being expected to accept even more Health and Safety medicine regarding this park which we've been banned from working because we aren't constituted and say "Thank you". We're being told that we agreed to all these actions in the park and should be grateful. NOT TRUE - we didn't even have time to consult with our members and find out their views. We object to more of this top down attitude: "This is what is good for you- so like it!".

Yes it's true we put pressure on Conway to keep a promise made a year ago to raise the ground level under the Seesaw there in order to make it . . . . . . safer. However we did not ever agree to all the other changes that have come in along with this work.

In fact how could we as all emails regarding the park were ignored as though Conway had put a ban on communication with the BUGs because we weren't, in his mind, a recognised group.

As to the views of the park users we await their verdict - they may even like what they find - but make no mistake what has been done was not the result of a consultation with us.


Chris said...

Geoff,I will take my leave of you,I am in a cheap hotel in Menton until Tuesday,after that a tent heading up and down the coast.
I will say this to you Geoff you cannot win against such people,you cannot use logic as it is over their head,mindless automatons that embrace mediocrity as if it is an art form.
I will give you just one personal example rather than going on and on as I have a tendency to do.
Sweden gave the world Raoul Wallenberg a man that saved lives,now the Swedish Dip Corps is staffed by mindless box ticking chimps,not bad people just empty people that embrace mediocrity.
I no longer read papers,I despise the Murdoch press and I despise the fake posturing of The Guardian,De Volkskrant,La Monde,NYT et al with their fake left of center thing,last couple of weeks I picked up Paris Match,an awful story about Syria,yet again the world is doing blah blah blah as children die.
A lot of hand wringing and blah blah blah in that big building in NYC where everybody talks crap.
Have fun Geoff even with the wisdom of Solomon and the riches of Croesus you could not win against buffoons at the council.
My dream Geoff going up my mountain buying a shack and nailing the door closed,a total disconnect from the world,shades of Thoreau's Walden's Pond,peace and quiet away from a disfunctional world.
I thank you for trying to find an old school teacher for me,a woman with millions would not even give me a sandwich,but you tried to help.
I am very ill but the only medicine my heart and soul needs is drinking coffee with decent people,she was wonderful,she cared about all the kids,she had a PHD in something and her husband was tenured at one of the colleges in Oxford,she just wanted to teach kids,her kind are no more.
Take Care Geoff

Geoff Dellow said...

So where do I ship the shirt you said you wanted?