Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Is James Airey going to act re extra housing?

James is the County Councillor for the North Ward of Ulverston.

Andrew Moss is Head of our CCC Highways

So why hasn't James Airey called a public meeting as he could?

From: "Airey, James"
Date: 30 August 2013 13:11:22 GMT+01:00
To: "Geoff Dellow"
Subject: RE: Road usage in the Gill Area of Ulverston

Dear Geoff

I think it would be useful for me to try and arrange a public meeting on the proposed additions to the LDF, I intend to invite SLDC planners to update residents.



From: Geoff Dellow [mailto:gd@tygh.co.uk]
Sent: 27 August 2013 11:33
To: Moss, Andrew
Cc: Airey, James
Subject: Road usage in the Gill Area of Ulverston


I've been leaving you in peace for a while (see below! ) now that the cobbles down Market Street are finally finished. It's good to have had that settled and the bringing in Colas to finish the work was a great improvement to using Amey. Thank you.

As you will be aware there is a consultation with SLDC planning going on regarding land allocation for future home building.

A very important aspect is the potential increase in road usage in the Gill  area that could result from the change of use of the land above what is being called Hoad View at the end of Union Lane.

The strain could be particularly felt on Mill Street which of course is adjacent to the Soutergate and King St junction.

I have already experienced some near miss accidents at speed with reckless drivers cutting the corner as they descend Soutergate to join King St - Something that happens quite often and I've reported to our police who unfortunately failed to catch the van driver in question.

The other intersection that I would have thought will experience severe difficulties is that where Union Lane joins Stanley street where a blind corner exists, made even worse by the parking of a large van on that particular corner. This will be the preferred access to the newly developed land under construction my Persimmons and furthermore to an even larger development nearly twice the size in the land in question that is beyond this. In all there could be more than 70 new homes needing regular use of this junction ( as well of course the Mill St access)

The resultant flow of traffic could be greatly in excess of that using the adjacent Health Centre which has less than 80 parking spaces.

So to my main point:

Would it not be important to have a traffic survey that included pedestrians, vehicles of all kinds including buses and even surprisingly dogs who move through Mill street on their way, sometimes ownerless to  walk/trot/amble up Gill Banks. This surveywould be very pertinent  to any decision re the land allocation is made.

I suggest that the existing roads cannot safely support increase usage.



From: "Moss, Andrew"
Date: 14 June 2011 07:17:47 GMT+01:00
To: , "Airey, James" , ,
Cc: "Masser, Keith J"
Subject: Re: Cobbles, Market Street Ulverston

Geoff, thanks for your email.  I understand why you may feel a sense of frustration as I recall you raised a similar concern about this work earlier in the year, at which point we looked into the points you had drawn to our attention. 

Please be assured the local team understand and share your interest in ensuring this work is completed to the standards expected.  I will look into the issue you raise below and respond to you directly.  

I look forward to meeting you sometime soon at which point I would be more than happy to discuss any aspect of our service delivery.



Assistant Director Highways and Transport
Cumbria County Council
Tel: 01228 227730
Mob: 07833 046727
Email: andrew.moss@cumbriacc.gov.uk

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From: Geoff Dellow [mailto:gd@tygh.co.uk]
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 07:02 AM
To: Airey, James; Jams Airey ; James Airey
Cc: Moss, Andrew; Masser, Keith J
Subject: Cobbles, Market Street Ulverston


Why has work on the cobbles halted ?

Are the shopkeepers being informed.

The contractors have just ripped up, by their own admission, cobbles that didn't need replacing and now have stopped before doing the ones that do.

I'm about to go to the shopkeepers and ask what they think of the work so far.

(I'm waiting for a good downpour so as to catch on video the flooding- if any - on the upper sections of Market street.)

We have a potential for a very angry situation.


Please let me know which of these emails to use in the future.


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