Sunday, 8 September 2013

Persimmons Spin- stay sane

I've just been passed this dangerous half truth that is so typical, in my opinion, of Persimmons

Persimmons require me to remove their promotional spiel claiming in very large letters


with a picture of one of their lovely houses underneath

What's the problem?

Is this a lie that they don't want publicised?

I read in the Independent that financial analysts are very concerned that house prices are going up at an alarming rate in some parts of the country and recommend that something be done to control this house price bubble lest it bust and leave us all - buyers and our banks in trouble.

Take a visit to the Persimmons site and look at reassuring pictures of children in idyllic countryside makes you feel good doesn't it. Taken in?

If prices are on the up, and this is only really true in the London, then this is because the hard working feel there is no alternative than to buy at these ridiculous prices that are so dependent on a "government backed Conservative scheme". What will happen if sanity returns and the poorer people find politicians that finally will support them and help return house prices to those they can afford? The result will be that when the prices fall to reasonable levels then thousands of people will be saddled with houses that will be worth less than what they owe. They will then become desperate and possibly walk out leaving their debt behind them and the banks will collapse once again.

Please do not trust this localised house price bubble. Do not buy, but rent until sanity returns and house prices fall or even crash. At some point the electorate will refuse to be put under the enormous pressure of vast mortgages and revolt. We're very close to this now. It will take only a small additional burden before the majority of people will decide "Enough is enough" refuse to abide by the present laws that are made for the rich. Then a fresh approach will come from a new set of politics which will favour those at the bottom of the pile.

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