Thursday, 5 September 2013

What are Persimmons hiding? Hoad View?

Yesterday I received this letter that most people would feel threatening but in fact is full of empty and in some cases lying words. Click on the image to read.

Many people see this as typical of Persimmons Bluff.

So why don't they conduct tours at the week end of their building work so that potential buys can see what they will be getting for their money?

Surely the wise will be suspicious.

Would you ever buy a car under similar circumstances? Surely most people would want a test drive. Surely they would want an independent review. No the buyer is being asked to give hundreds of thousands of their own money without seeing and experiencing what they are buying.

What are Persimmons so reluct to show?

If they were honest would Persimmons not organise tours of their building site at the week end?
Or are they behaving as they do in this letter in a deceptive way?

Let's look at Persimmons 'helpful' 'honest' letter.

"Given that the site was fully secured" No it wasn't - this is a lie :  the doors were there unfastened- no bolt or padlock  - I just opened them. Anyone want a demonstration? Conducted tours? Ten pence a time? Delighted.

"Should there be any further repetition of this behaviour  we will have no hesitation in involving the police and the Health & Safety executive." I trust they will not involve the police because I have done nothing wrong other than trespass - people and children have been 'trespassing' on this site by the hundreds in the past as they walk through the countryside, as they play on the field. Did the owners go to the police then? No. So why are you complaining now? And who are this Health & Safety executive? Someone they've made up because they sound impressive?

"I ask that you remove to remove the photographic evidence" Very polite - well I'm not going to.
"And confirm that you've received and completely understood the information contained in this letter within the next 7 days" Yes I did this straight away - as I do to all letters I receive . Why "this "completely understood" bit? What's this time limit about? Will there be any consequences if I don't? Sorry sir, I could only sent it 8 days later - I was so busy. And sorry, sorry, sorry, I couldn't completely understand "Health & Safety executive": can you?

So what's this letter all about ?

Will people who buy a Persimmons home be pleased with their new home during the future hundreds of years that they will be used? Or will they start to experience extra stress from the minute they enter their new homes and discover for the first time just what they've let themselves in for? Could this stress have been avoided by Persimmons spending just a little more money on something that most people they will be buying at such a high cost? Why do our politicians stand buy and do nothing to get involved to help their potential electorate?

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Anonymous said...

Has any decision been made on the all? If so, what is going on

Geoff Dellow said...
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