Monday, 16 September 2013

Up to mischief again. Persimmons send in the big boys.

Gerard Khoshnaw to be precise. Look this guy up on the internet and you'll realise he is top notch - and very polite:

My response:


Many thanks for your attached letter.

I understand that you're an eminent lawyer - no doubt  Persimmons only employ the best.

Glad to see that I'm enabling you to earn some further cash from a dubious source (is that defamation? in which case please read "from a source that I consider to be dubious") which I'm sure you will put to good use.

I feel this experience must be like learning to be a lion tamer.

Show the slightest contempt  and one foot wrong and you're dead - to exaggerate. Mind you I'd enjoy the experience of going to court - what's life for if not to face challenges.

Keeps me on my metal at 78 years old - yes I've reached the age when one thinks "What the hell"

Can't be bad! With threatened cancer one starts thinking : What's life for if it's not to have fun. A similar experience for you might be skiing down the red piste at a lovely winter resort in the Alps : Are you able to stay fit with all that sitting down?

Best wishes. I hope this case adds a bit of spice  to a life that at times may become a bit boring - how about a change to trying to put the world to rights - it certainly needs it. (Apologies - No doubt you feel you're doing this now)


As you gather I'm feeling good - my clarinet playing last night went well and the sun is out!


I've now been through all the statements - 1-9 and have removed the offending picture stating Uk House proces are going up and can find nothing wrong so I'm saying "See you in court if you want to spend the money" I look forward to the experience.

Anyone else spot anything defamatory!


Chris said...

I will send you an email later,fear not,Leeds has not sired any legal men or women of note.
Maimonides did not pen The Mishneh Torah in Leeds.
The only legal man of note that ever hailed from Yorkshire was Judge James Pickles.
He lost it towards the end writing for the gutter press and sparing with dull buffoons like Hislop on cam,however he came at law from a common sense approach a lot like Denning did.
The guy that send you the letter does not have a legal leg to stand on,I find it sad that he wants to be intimidating within the boundaries of polite legal English.
"The High Court in London" trying to be scary mentioning such a court.
Take Care Geoff,I am off camping tomorrow,good luck with everything.

Our Harry said...

I recall seeing a film, a gangster film,they are strapping a bloke into the electric chair and the warder says to him "Well Son, you finally hit the big time". And that GD is the position you now find yourself in. You have seriously gobbed off and defamed a number of people over the years and now its "the big time".

Either you have to prove your allegations or quietly apologise and eat ever so umble pie. Carry on being the crusader and you will end up in that renowned creek without a paddle. There aint no legal aid available for defamation cases and my guess is that Persimmon will clean you out -and a bit more! I can't wait for episode 2!!

Geoff Dellow said...

Yes, you're right, they would clean me out and no mercy. However been there, got the T shirt.

Being complacent is the danger. So I'm about to start tweeking my statements so that they cease to defame.

Anthony (Lindal) said...

Aw come on, now you are backing down. If you have confidence in your case, confidence in what you have said then you must carry on. Many who followed you, many who relied upon YOU to fight for their rights, will now be seriously disillusioned.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 'Our Harry'.
Why do you persist with this campaign against Persimmon?
They aren't going to put up with your inane mutterings for much longer.
Is this not the second warning that you have had?
I too look forward to the next instalment if only to see you get your just deserve.

Geoff Dellow said...

Aw come on Anthony. What's all this about "Many who followed you and relied upon YOU to fight" sounds like a herd of sheep. I'm not into leadership but getting others to think and taking action themselves.

What's this backing down bit anyway?

Anonymous said...

My you have brought some crusty turds to the top of the pot!
One that taxed his head and used the word inane!
He has to work in the shipyard, I can guess the role he plays there.
More motion than time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this is your last warning Geoff.It also looks like they mean it this time.

Geoff Dellow said...

We'll see. They stand to lose if we win the case. They would have to pay my court expenses and have egg on their faces.