Tuesday, 3 September 2013

On a roll

I've got good reasons for feeling positive:

I'm dedicating 11:00 to 13:00 on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to playing my clarinets with the wonderful new reeds I've been told about by Jim Morgan, clarinetist, of Barrow. The world has suddenly become a 'better' place. My clarinets have changed from being wild uncontrollable bucking bronchos that needed all my wits about me to control to fine hansom stallions ready to give me all they've got in every way possible. Now " your wish is my command" is their mantra. What a motivation to ride them well every day and put them through their paces.

I've just got to learn to ride them well. What a lovely target for a 78 year old.

Another is the result of the results of tests at Furness General Hospital last Friday - still not in the clear but it's not cancer! Report coming up - a very efficient Health Service with people that really care and put their patients first. Not the place we have been led to believe. If you're ill you can look forward to your contact with the NHS from my experience.

Another is the my veg is growing well both here and at my allotment.

I've a new toy that I'm sharing with curious parents and children - a zoom stereo microscope which opens up a whole new world. What every 'alive' person needs. Let me know if you're interested.

I'm in touch with a great group of very positive and talented potters - See http://www.tygh.co.uk

And much much more.

Fancy a Limerick?

There was a strongman named .......
........ sick bay.

Now where have a seen something like this?

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