Saturday, 28 September 2013

Oh what lovely weather

Tomorrow Sunday looks another fantastic day and so does the rest of the week though rain on Thursday will give me the pleasure of playing in my tunnel - I should have some new tunes by then.

The temperatures seem very good - I love warm rain (Thursday) with maybe rain on Saturday. For me it's purrrfect.

Lovely now when you can imagine temps down to -5 deg C by November if the global highjinks continue. No doubt followed by Floods in South Ulverston at some time - I wonder how the new unmentionable builder's plot here on Union Lane will survive - (says he) imagining rivulets running through a few of the new houses leaving flooded basements. Can they ever predict where the water will flow?  and all that new tarmac and absence of soil and grass to adsorb the rain. . . .! Mud mud mud. A new builders nightmare. Unpredictable terrain and houses built just within the regulations. Who in their right mind would buy new houses built within a hillside without seeing the outcome of a bit of unpredictable 'global warming' - or is it Global Warning weather?

Sorry I was allowing myself to drift away from the topic of "Lovely Weather".

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