Saturday, 14 September 2013

Soutergate /Church walk /King St /Mill street Junction Ulverston 2

James Airey replies to previous correpondence:


I am not unwilling to look at this problem in fact CCC highway safety engineer Victoria Upton has looked at the situation. The problem we have is as always funding. At the moment we have several safety issues throughout Ulverston that need attention, such as speeding traffic entering Ulverston from Soutergate and speeding traffic on Urswick Road and Birkett Drive. Road safety around our schools also remains my top priority, that being said if the Town Council and the police want to chip in with some money then perhaps we could move the issue up the list.


To which I reply today:

Thanks James.

This is sounding more hopeful. I'll start 'at the bottom' and work up and keep you posted.

So "Chip in some money"

How much?

No vague statements please.

And what do you promise to do?

I guess you'll have to talk to CCC Highways before you answer so how about an answer to how much and for what in a fortnight's time.

I'll be back - agreed?

If not, say so now!


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Chris said...

Maybe The Wicked Witch of NW3 can help you with recalcitrant 12 year old Tories.