Friday, 13 September 2013

County Councillor James Airey, your involvement is needed

Topic : Death in slow motion

Subject :  Soutergate/ Church Walk/ Fountain St/ King St/ Mill St intersection


Why are you so unwilling to look at this problem?

It is obvious to the observer that sometime THERE WILL BE AN ACCIDENT HERE and it could be a dangerous one.

I talked to the person who stands behind the counter at Inspirations and thus has a view across the street to Mill Street.

He tells me that as often as every day:

1. A motorist comes out of Mill St and turns left to go up Soutergate breaking every rule in the book.

This is sometimes deliberate as they have made a mistake and don't want to go round the oneway system, or it's because they don't know the area and don't see quite a small one way sign opposite

2. Secondly I spent only two minutes watching traffic coming down Soutergate to join King street.

In that time two quite responsible looking drivers out of nine chose to avoid going round the painted on white circle and drove clearly inside of the circle. If you come and look you will realise that circle is placed too far over towards Foutain Street. With this attitude of always ignoring the roundabout it then becomes second nature to totally ignore the roundabout it and  hug the pub whilst going round the corner especially if on looking down Fountain St there is no traffic This happened to me in an incident I reported to the police. It was 8:30 on a Sunday morning and the white van clearly thought there was no traffic about and drove at speed - well there was - me at Mill St.

People who stop and watch this happening become totally convinced that this corner is very dangerous and avoid it all together by travelling via Garden Terrace and then down Soutergate rather going through Mill St.


 What do I have to do to get you, the police, and the Highways department to change the design of the round about - by the simple expedient of  repainting the position of the circle?

1. If I collect video evidence of these two scenarios

2. If I collect witnessed statements of incidents people have experienced.

3. Run a campaign

4. Storm the council with 20 agitated people?

5. Repaint the white circle myself  at three in the morning and show before and after film evidence

6. Stand on my head nude in the Market Square

7. Something even more outrageous ( discussed with Pat Jones on the Sun/New Market street bench.)

8 Stage an accident so as to achieve some really beaten up vehicles.

9 Just do nothing and wait for the inevitable accident?

Answer one of the above or I'll pester you and pester you and pester you -Beware. You can cry harassment if you like - so I'll go to jail.


I'm in a no nonsense - I mean business - you ain't seen nothing yet -mood

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