Sunday, 29 September 2013

Calling Creatives

Do you remember the poster in the window with the email address at the bottom:

Spotted in Upper Brook Street

Well I got this reply:

Hello Geoff

We are looking for local artist and designers to fill our shop as we would like to help the community, help up and coming artists and designers and also give people the chance to display their work.
There is so much artistic talent in the area and we think that a good community shop will be a great addition to the Ulverston high street.
We have had a great response from local people and we are in the process of choosing people who would be right for the shop. We hope to create a a good buzz about the shop and the people who will be adding their handmade goods.

Thanks for your interest.

Calling Creatives

To which I replied:

Wouldn't a real person prefer to deal with another  real person rather than an anonymous organisation?


Personally I am feeling the need more and more to be in touch with  face to face people. So you might ask, "Why do I write this blog" and you would have a point!


Anonymous said...

Well done Geoff!! You've shown them. How dare they contemplate opening a shop and encouraging creative people! How dare they show a desire to help us ulverstonians! How dare they bring enterprise to our fair streets in this time of austerity! How dare they be new and enthusiastic! How dare they not put an individuals name to it! They are clearly evil. You,re right not to encourage them, even though that it is apparently want you constantly claim to be doing for ulverson and the sole reason for this blog. A round of applause to these people. They are opening a shop and encouraging others that their creative work is valued. You go Geoff! Stamp on their dream. Pick a pointless point to pour on your self appointed scorn. It isn't your idea, and that clearly upsets you, and I hope they are a success despite you. We welcome them.

Geoff Dellow said...

My what a lot of anger. Once again I repeat let's talk face-to-face.

Meet me for coffee at Poppies and let's chat. This blog isn't the place to argue. You may find that we actually agree.

Society is moving towards the concept that we can function well as a bunch of indivuals that don't need the richness of face-to-face talk. How about the thought that over millions of years humans have evolved to be beings that relate with each other well:face-to-face. Now we're flushing all that expertise down the loo to relate anonymously.

Facebook rules.

Where is the wisdom in that?

Geoff Dellow said...

Someone else has come to me unable to get a reply when using theis email. Any luck?