Tuesday, 24 September 2013


The Media is preocupied with the situation in a shopping mall.

From our point of view is this newsworthy? Or is it a real life horror story to entertain us all?

I can't believe that there aren't stories that are truly newsworthy that impact far more on our  lives here in the UK. Alternatively stories that we need to hear because others in the world are suffering and would benefit from our support and cash.


Chris said...

Just a flying visit,my weekly computer time checking email.
I am most certainly not having a go at you,you tried to help me by finding an old school teacher for me,I remember that kindness.
You talk of Somalia,okay lets go,you and I,I have the skills of a paramedic and then some.
Call my bluff Geoff,lets go to Somalia even if all we can do is make funny faces and make one child laugh we are doing something.
Hopefully we will be okay as long as all the factions that are hell bent on killing each other can recognize non combatants.
Seeing in in the flesh is better than reading drivel from buffoons like Kristoff and Fisk.
Should we bother with credentials of pull GPS Data and jump the border?.

Anonymous said...

Yes there is still a need for Citizens Advice.
Where are our local combatants for that one?
The man who will sort it is picking up chewing gum C/o Glaxo media (still in their pocket)
He may lift heavy things but cant sort out CAB!
Come back local PLEASE.

Geoff Dellow said...

First, Chris. For my part, I have to start here , right at home. There are major problems on my doorstep which need sorting out.

One of them, a very fundamental one, is that democracy isn't working. I cannot communicate with my councillors at any level. They just don't want to know of my problems and choose to avoid issues and look the other way.

The second, an equally important one, is that I lack good face-to-face contact with people around me. Instead many of my contacts prefer Facebook avoid talking directly. This goes to the core of human contact and is the begining of the living hell of misunderstanding and the loss of good strong friendships.

As for ZORO - what are you saying please - these oblique references are no help. The notice on the old CAB says we can use a number they provide. Is anybody trying this and does it work? Ring 015394 46464 the office is supposed to be open Mon, Tues,Thur and Friday between 10 am and 2 pm and Saturday 10 am to 1pm. Please try this number and report back as to whether or not you get through.If you get through , ask when interviews are available here in Ulverston as has been promised.

Geoff Dellow said...

Ulverston CAB. I have just rung the Windermere number given above at 10:17
and was immediately answered. I was given the information that people could make appointments in Ulverston from Thursday October 3rd, followed by Mondays and Thursdays thereafter. Ring 015394 46464 to make the appointment. Could others confirm that this is in fact working.