Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wow, What an impressive mayor we've got!

Just because I'm saddened by the state of democracy in the town. This doesn't mean I'm blind to a class act.

Ulverston's Mayor Judy Pickthall kicked off the proceedings of the town council last night with flair. She's adding a certain  Joie de Vivre attitude to the role by the clothes she wears and the way she walks. Having seen her out and about across the town over the past weeks, popping up in the most unusual places, working flat out to make the Charter Festival and in particular last Saturday into A First Very Successful First Super Market Day, I know that our Mayor's chain was carried with a quiet unassuming confident pride. Judi is very good with people. She quickly achieves a friendly and on-you-level rapport with everyone she meets. She also has a good dress sense, even when that chain is hidden under a jacket in the rain: it's not any old jacket. It's a very practical, serviceable jacket made all the special by the fleeting glimpse of gold underneath.

Last night it was a dark dress with a flashy red/purple sheen that showed off the town chain in a very with-it contemporary way. Her opening remarks to the Council where a revelation. She extolled the activities of the last week - she had been everywhere -the market stalls on the Saturday morning - Rufino's cookery demonstration-  snoozing through the chess superbly run and silent Chess Championship waiting for the presentations at the end - then a pint with the serious minded who knew their beer at the Furness CAMRA Beer Festival - finally, more or less saying "And why weren't you at the Jess Gillam & The Ghyll Singers musical evening?" "Councillors would have enjoyed this".

So what's my point and yes there is more than a point but a plea.

Can't we review how we appoint our Mayor each year? Surely we want someone every year who will bring something fresh to the direction and activities in the town. What has the upcoming deputy Mayor shown us she's capable of? A town free from Dangerous Sharp Edged Pottery and hushed dissent within the Conservative ranks. In contrast our present Mayor has worked consistently to help our market thrive and is, I understand even now encouraging the students from the Vic to bring their music to the town in every way possible.

So who would we like to be Mayor next year? The proposal can't come from the councillors ranks themselves that would be too controversial, so it's coming from here, I'm known to be no big fan of the system!

Judy Pickthall for second term next year: we face difficult times in our town and particularly with our market and need the person who has done well in the past and has plenty of room for improvement (and someone to quietly give direction to Jayne Kendall's energy). Speaking of which isn't our Town Council Website out of date.

How about one of the Internet polls where the public choose? There's nothing like imminent disaster to kick start an new initiative!


Anonymous said...

Are you being sarcastic? Or truthful? She could do a lot more by sorting out our TC

Geoff Dellow said...

Maybe they're not sortoutable.

How would you cope with Bishop - Rowe for instance. She was having a hard time at the meeting I went to. I mention it to another conservative councillor and they said "Yes. I know"

They live in another world were reality can't penetrateand they make up the rules. "You can be queen as long as I get to be president and yes you can be the most honorable worshipful Lordmuck if that turns you on.

Have you noticed that when they're out together at the Farmers, they (a substantial group) sit in a huddle lest they get contaminated by the plebs.

However we now have a councillor with a wayward eye sitting on the beggars seat on New/Old Market street corner. Town Councillors beware - there's a subversive 'element' creeping in : is he/she mixing with the 'activists' in the town, I wonder.

Not sure we want lawbreakers talking to respectable people: do you?