Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Death in slow motion

When I mention the idea of driving out of Mill Street from the direction of The Gill people immediately start telling me of near misses with vehicles that cut the corner coming down Soutergate. Vehicles that see no traffic on their left and assume there will be none on their right.

Surely they are breaking the law by not travelling round the mini roundabout but taking it on their left rather the right. Yet it appears nothing is done to try to prevent this practice.

As a cynical witness one believes we need a bloody accident to get the mini round about to be taken seriously. Yet this is the very place that SLDC planning department is considering feeding cars from a new estate with 70 houses on it.

Do we have to stand by and just look on as a death in the future will make the necessary point that we need a round about to make people trval round it rather than over or even inside it. A death caused by the absence of a few kerb stones that would obviously make a big difference!

Wise people never use Mill Street but are we all wise!

How about emailing James Airey and Mark Wilson who can do something as  our County Councillors - James Airey , Mark Wilson

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